Farmville Wheel Alignment Services

One of Farmville Auto Repair’s specialty services is wheel alignments and related steering adjustments for our Farmville clients.

If your vehicle tends to pull to one side while driving, it may need an alignment. If you notice uneven tire wear that can also mean your vehicle needs service. This kind of repair is not a job you can do at home — it requires training and specialized tools to properly align your vehicle. Call us immediately if you notice your vehicle has any of these issues, as bad alignments can turn into more serious and expensive problems if not repaired promptly.

Farmville Auto Repair offers full alignment services, including front-end alignments, steering alignments & adjustments, and all-wheel alignments.

When should I get my vehicle’s wheels aligned?

  • When your vehicle tends to pull to the side while driving. This is dangerous, and may cause a life-altering accident.
  • When your tires appear worn unevenly. Tires that wear incorrectly quickly become dangerous, as they do not provide full braking power and are more easily punctured.
  • When installing new tires. It only makes sense: correctly aligning the wheels will make costly new tires last as long as possible. While it does incur an additional fee on top of the tire replacement, wheel-alignment will result in long-term savings.

Front End Alignment Tip: A shaking sensation in the steering wheel or front end of your vehicle likely indicates out-of-balance or out-of-round tires, and does not necessarily indicate wheel misalignment.

What work is done in a front-end or four-wheel alignment?

Simply put, we ensure that your vehicle’s wheels are aligned correctly, along three different angles: camber, toe, and caster. Camber refers to whether the top of the wheel is tilted toward or away from the vehicle. Toe refers to whether the front of the wheel is tilted toward or away from the vehicle. Caster is the angle at which the pivot axis of the wheel is tilted. Positive caster means the top pivot is positioned farther to the rear than the bottom pivot, and negative caster means the top pivot is positioned farther to the front than the bottom pivot. Each of these three wheel angles affect the performance of the wheel and tire.

Having correctly aligned wheels is beneficial because it:

  • gives you greater control over your vehicle.
  • improves gas mileage, by reducing rolling resistance.
  • lengthens the lifespan of tires, saving you money.
  • makes driving less stressful, by preventing you from having to “fight” with the steering wheel to drive in a straight line.

Whether you’ve noticed an alignment problem, or just want to make sure you’re not missing the benefits of correct alignment, our expert technicians can set your vehicle straight and your mind at ease.

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