Farmville Diesel Engine Repair Service

Diesel engines are renowned for their durability, fuel economy, and ability to pull heavier loads than gasoline-powered engines. While relatively simple in design, diesels require specialized service to keep running at peak performance throughout their long service life.

Diesel engines don’t require ignition tune-ups as gasoline engines do, but regular maintenance is very important since the fuel is “dirtier” than gasoline. Regular oil and oil-filter changes, as well as fuel-filter changes, are musts to keep a diesel engine running well and to prevent premature wear. Other important maintenance includes fuel-injection and water-separator cleaning.

Our technicians are trained and experienced to provide top-quality service for your Farmville diesel-engined vehicle – whether auto, pickup truck or service vehicle. Our diesel repair services include regular maintenance, as well as overhaul and rebuilding. We repair both privately owned and fleet vehicles.

Contact Farmville Auto Repair to learn more about our diesel-engine repair services, and to schedule work on your vehicle.