Farmville Auto A/C Maintenance

Beat the heat of summer – or even that warm winter’s day! – with working air conditioning in your vehicle!

One of the most trying situations for drivers is to be stuck in summer heat, and find that their vehicle’s air conditioner does not function properly. But did you know that even a working air conditioner loses about 5% of its original efficiency per year? This means that without proper maintenance, your air conditioner may be performing as poorly as a much older unit! The good news is, you can still recover most of that lost efficiency.

So, how does air conditioning work?

…and what are some of the tests and repairs that we can do for your vehicle? Here are a few of the most common repairs necessary to get a vehicle’s A/C system working again.

Your vehicle’s air conditioner is a pressurized system, through which flows a chemical refrigerant. The refrigerant moves through gas and liquid stages as the system cycles it through condensation and evaporation. The evaporation process is what ultimately causes cool air to come out of the vehicle’s air vents.

The most serious problem that can occur is total failure of the internal compressor. The compressor is the “heart” of your A/C system, providing the pressure that moves refrigerant through the system. The vehicle’s engine drives the compressor via a belt. A simpler, and more common repair is to replace this compressor belt.

Another common problem is that the A/C system may begin to leak. Eventually, this will result in your refrigerant needing to be recharged.

Quick A/C Maintenance Tip: To extend the life of your vehicle’s A/C system, be sure to periodically run it for at least a few minutes, even during the winter. In addition to helping keep the system in working order, it will also give you an early heads-up if it isn’t working correctly. You will then have an opportunity to have it repaired before that blistering-hot day you need it for.

Whether you need your vehicle’s A/C repaired right away, or you want to schedule a maintenance appointment, Farmville Auto Repair has the skills to do the job well. We specialize in Farmville auto A/C service and repair.

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